Thursday, June 28, 2012

PRE-LOVED! Crocs for Infant Boys!

I know, I know, why let your kids wear Crocs? But hey, these are the easiest to wear and the comfiest ones for my little boy. These sized 4/5 ones were worn when he wasn't even walking, so these are pretty much "like new". Please read description under photos for any flaws, etc.

SOLD! Crocs Loafers, Army Green and Beige, Crocodile Design on Fabric.
No visible wear on Sole. 

SOLD! Crocs Sandals. Blue. Straps adjustable with Velcro.
No visible wear on Sole.

SOLD! Crocling Brown Fatigue. This one's so nice.
I didn't price high, even if I got this 10x its price.
Crocs had this on super sale this year kasi. :P

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Friday, June 15, 2012

PRE-LOVED Baby Cargo Jeans

The thing about getting clothes for infants is they outgrow it just like that. Newborns hardly get to wear newborn sizes, and sometimes, buying expensive clothing just isn't worth it. So if your little one has cousins and older siblings, he or she is blessed to get hand-me-downs. In my case, RL was the first baby boy in years, so there wasn't anyone to hand down anything to him. So we bought him clothes, and yes, he outgrew them fast.

Carter's Cargo Jeans, with snaps and gartered waist. Sized 6months.
I have more to post in the coming days. Bear with me, I'm trying the best I can to fit all my things-to-do in 24-hour days.

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PRE-LOVED! Little Boy Shirts

These shirts have only been used a few times and look brand new. Well, except for the Rockstar in Training shirt, which I think was our nanny's favorite. Still nice, nonetheless. Hehe.

Bossini Kids, Imported, 12-18months.
SOLD! Bossini Kids, Imported, 12-18months.
SOLD! Bossini Kids, Imported, 12-18months.
SOLD! No Brand, Local, Size 2.
Tiny Tots, Local, Size 2T.
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(SOLD) USED ONCE! Stroller Organizer Bag

I once purchased a stroller organizer for our umbrella stroller, but then it got lost when we moved from Ortigas to where we live now. So on a trip to Hong Kong, we got this. Alas, I've made two more purchases of different stroller organizers since, plus I found the first one I got. So I'm selling this Tommee Tippee one. We've only used it once. But I threw away the box right after we left the store.

Fits most strollers.

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NEW/ PRE-LOVED! Toddler Caps!

RL is a cap lover. I think he has over two dozen caps. Which is cool with me, because like bibs, I think I bought too much. Haha!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cap.
Local, Circumference, 48cm. P100.



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Thursday, June 7, 2012

(SOLD) Baby Through Toddler Bibs!

Aren't these bibs just adorable? I got RL two of each kind - used one set then FORGOT about the other one and kept it in storage (told you I kinda bought more than our fair share of bibs). These bibs are lined at the back so food won't soil your li'l ones shirt. They come with two snaps so you can use on both your infant and toddler. All imported from Hong Kong and never been used!




I only have one of each kind, so let me know as soon as you think you're interested. LOL! Selling these brand new bibs for P140 each.

EDIT: Referee, Tux and Sailor bibs SOLD. Only Superman bib available, as of June 8.

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PRE-LOVED! Playsuits for Little Ones!

I love dressing up my kids in playsuits. I think it goes back to KY, who was always colicky. Playsuits keep the tummy covered at all times. These playsuits have been gently-used. Prices and details on photo and caption.

H&M Rainbow Playsuit with Shoulder and Bottom Snaps;
Size EUR 86/ US 12-18M; Gently Used, P170.

Bossini Kids Thomas the Tank Engine Playsuit with Shoulder and Bottom Snaps;
Size 18-24M; Gently Used, P170.

Bossini Kids Faux Suspenders Playsuit with Shoulder and Bottom Snaps;
Size 18-24M; Hardly Used, P200.
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(SOLD!) Jake and the Neverland Pirates Plush Set

Yay hey, no way! This one's brand new, folks! Purchased this with my little boy's own set all the way from If your little one's as crazy over Jake and the Neverland Pirates show on Disney Junior, then get this for him/her! Only 1 set available, and yes, I'm selling this as a set (That means, no, you can't just get Jake or Izzy, they come as a whole crew!).

Jake, Izzy and Cubby are all 12" Plush Toys, while the Skully Plush is about 7".

The plush toys retail for US$12.50 + Tax and Shipping/ Handling each (Skully retails for US$8.50 + Tax and S/H). But that's in the USofA. This set is here in the Philippines and is ready to ship. Get the whole crew now for P3000!

This set ships in 2 pouches. Interested? Here's how to buy this!

PRE-LOVED! L.O.G.G. Moku Bay Shirt

Do you have a little surfer dude? Then this shirt's for him! This brown original L.O.G.G. shirt is from H&M and was purchased in Hong Kong. Size EUR 68, it is supposed to fit babies 4-6 months, but my little boy wore this when he was about 9 months old. The material is soft and gentle on infant skin.

Slightly used. Purchased for about P400. Selling for P120. 
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

(SOLD) Baby Feeding Bibs!

I collected a little more bibs than necessary, so we really have a ton! I have yet to take photos of the others. These ones were purchased in HongKong. Hardly used as RL hated anything around his neck.




These bibs stay in place with velcro. No snaps to hurt the skin.

If interested, here's how to order.


Welcome to our online garage sale! My kids and I have collected a ton of stuff through the years. And so we're purging and selling most to make space.

Most items are preloved/ slightly used, although we do have a few brand new things we would like to sell as well. I am a single mom (not by choice!) on a single income, hence the need to raise money to support my family. Plus, my youngest will be starting school soon (we're homeschooling this year).


1) Items will be posted on our blog.
2) A link to the blog post will be posted on our Facebook page.
3) If interested in an item on the post, please leave a comment on the link ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE.
4) You may also message us on the Facebook page or text us via 09178530363.
5) Strictly NO RESERVATIONS. You have 24 hours to settle your payment.
6) BDO deposits and GCash Payment options available.
7) We can ship via Xend/LBC! Shipping will be on the account of the buyer. Shipping and Handling rates for items fitting a single pouch below:

Metro Manila
P60 - 500g and below
P75 - 1Kg
P95 - 1.5Kg
P100 - 2Kg

Luzon/ VizMin
P100 - 1Kg
P140 - 2Kg
P220 - 3Kg

Thank you for your support!