Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Welcome to our online garage sale! My kids and I have collected a ton of stuff through the years. And so we're purging and selling most to make space.

Most items are preloved/ slightly used, although we do have a few brand new things we would like to sell as well. I am a single mom (not by choice!) on a single income, hence the need to raise money to support my family. Plus, my youngest will be starting school soon (we're homeschooling this year).


1) Items will be posted on our blog.
2) A link to the blog post will be posted on our Facebook page.
3) If interested in an item on the post, please leave a comment on the link ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE.
4) You may also message us on the Facebook page or text us via 09178530363.
5) Strictly NO RESERVATIONS. You have 24 hours to settle your payment.
6) BDO deposits and GCash Payment options available.
7) We can ship via Xend/LBC! Shipping will be on the account of the buyer. Shipping and Handling rates for items fitting a single pouch below:

Metro Manila
P60 - 500g and below
P75 - 1Kg
P95 - 1.5Kg
P100 - 2Kg

Luzon/ VizMin
P100 - 1Kg
P140 - 2Kg
P220 - 3Kg

Thank you for your support!

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